Indexing fees are usually based on the recommended rates of the Society of Indexers. The Society currently recommends that indexing rates start from £25.90 an hour or approximately £2.90 a page or £7.80 per thousand words for an index to a straightforward text. However, this should be taken as a general guide only, as each indexing project is different and there are numerous factors that can affect the final rate.

Factors that can affect the indexing fee:


Quotations are provided free of charge and with no obligation. If you would like a quotation please email me at enquiries@indexingenious.com and provide the following information:

Title of book -

Number of pages or total number of words -

Complexity of material and target readers -

Date proofs available -

Deadline for return of index -

10-20 page sample from the document (if possible)

Contract for indexing services

Once a quotation has been accepted, a short indexing contract will be prepared and sent to you outlining the indexing fee and related matters. A signed, returned copy of the contract ensures that work on the index will begin on the agreed start date.

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